The main distributor for the most popular brands in Europe

About us

IRIS COSMETIC, a leading distributor for Europe’s most renowned brands, starting from cosmetic products, personal care and household hygiene consumer goods, professional hair and body products, to professional salon equipment etc.

Owning a wide and diverse range of brands and products offers increasingly higher flexibility, while continuously investing in human resources and brand development.

Our consumers are all well-known participants in the market and suitable, ranging from large channels, local retail channels, wholesale stores, local independent merchants, to specialized sales channels.

Therefore, IRIS COSMETIC is a partner to choose, fulfilling your needs with an optimal blend of product offering, services, flexibility, and local knowledge.

As we continue to build our luxurious portfolio of partners, we are constantly adapting and welcoming new trends in the industry. With cleaner, vegan, and organic brands for skin, hair, and body care, we have everything for every individual beauty need.

Iris Cosmetic is driven by a desire to create excellent customer experiences. Dedicated to delivering the best in beauty, our philosophy is simple: beauty is more than just external appearance. You can explore trends, find new favorites, and discover products that make you feel like YOU.

We are a dedicated team in search of cult products the world has to offer. Iris Cosmetic is the destination for those seeking greatness. We pride ourselves on our transparency and only sell products that first amaze us.

"Our goal is to create added value for our business partners and brands in our portfolio, generating sustainable business growth."